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Which Countries Speak in German

Germany is not the only country where German is widely spoken. In fact, there are seven countries where German is the official language or a  dominant one.   German is one of the world’s most prominent languages and is the most widely spoken native tongue in the European Union. Officials estimate that about 95 million people speak German as a first language. That doesnt account for the many millions more who know it as a second language or are proficient but not fluent.   German is also one of the top three most popular foreign languages to learn in the United States.   Most native German speakers (about 78 percent) are found in Germany (Deutschland). Heres where to find the six others:   1. Austria Austria ( Ãâ€"sterreich) should quickly come to mind. Germanys neighbor to the south has a population of about 8.5  million. Most Austrians speak German, as that is the official language. Arnold Schwarzeneggers Ill-be-back accent is Austrian German.   Austrias beautiful, mostly mountainous landscape is contained in a space about the size of the U.S. state of Maine. Vienna ( Wien), the capital, is one of Europes loveliest and most-livable cities.   Note: The various variations  of German spoken in different regions have such strong dialects they could nearly be considered a different language.  So if you study German in a U.S. school, you may not be able to understand it when spoken in different regions, like Austria or even southern Germany. In school, as well as in the media and in official documents, German speakers typically use Hochdeutsch or Standarddeutsch. Luckily, many German speakers understand Hochdeutsch, so even if you cannot understand their heavy dialect, they will likely be able to understand and communicate with you. 2. Switzerland Most of the 8 million citizens of Switzerland (die Schweiz) speak German. The rest speak French, Italian or Romansh. Switzerlands largest city is Zurich, but the capital is Bern, with the federal courts headquartered in French-speaking Lausanne. Switzerland has displayed its penchant for independence and neutrality by remaining the only major German-speaking country outside of the European Union and the euro currency zone. 3.  Liechtenstein Then theres the postage stamp country of Liechtenstein, tucked in between Austria and Switzerland. Its nickname comes from both its diminutive size (62 square  miles) and its philatelic activities. Vaduz, the capital, and largest city counts fewer than 5,000 inhabitants and doesnt have its own airport (Flughafen). But it does have the German-language newspapers, the Liechtensteiner Vaterland, and the Liechtensteiner Volksblatt. Liechtensteins total population is only about 38,000. 4. Luxembourg Most people forget Luxembourg (Luxemburg, without the o, in German), situated on Germanys western border. Although French is used for street and place names and for official business, most of Luxembourgs citizens speak a dialect of German called Là «tztebuergesch in daily life, and Luxembourg is considered a German-speaking country. Many of Luxembourgs newspapers are published in German, including the Luxemburger Wort (Luxemburg Word). 5. Belgium Although the official language of Belgium  (Belgien) is Dutch, residents also speak French and German. Of the three, German is the least common. Its mostly used among the Belgians who live on or near the German and Luxembourg borders. Estimates put Belgiums German-speaking population around 1 percent. Belgium is sometimes called Europe in miniature because of its multilingual population: Flemish (Dutch) in the north (Flanders), French in the south (Wallonia) and German in the east (Ostbelgien). The main towns in the German-speaking region are  Eupen  and  Sankt Vith. The  Belgischer Rundfunk  (BRF) radio service broadcasts in German, and  The  Grenz-Echo, a German-language newspaper, was established in 1927. 6. South Tyrol, Italy It may come as a surprise that German is a common language in the South Tyrol (also known as Alto Adige) providence of Italy. The population of this area is about half a million, and census data shows about 62 percent of the residents speak German. Second, comes Italian. The remainder speaks Ladin or another language.   Other German-Speakers Most of the other German-speakers in Europe are scattered across eastern Europe in former Germanic areas of countries such as Poland, Romania, and Russia. (Johnny Weissmuller, of the 1930s-40s Tarzan movies and Olympic fame, was born to German-speaking parents in what is now Romania.) A few other German-speaking regions are in Germanys former colonies, including  Namibia  (former German Southwest Africa), Ruanda-Urundi, Burundi and several other former outposts in the Pacific. German minority populations (Amish, Hutterites, Mennonites) are also still found in regions of North and South America. German is also spoken in some villages in Slovakia and Brazil. A Closer Look at 3 German-Speaking Countries Now lets concentrate on Austria, Germany, and  Switzerland — and have a short German lesson in the process. Austria  is the Latin (and English) term for  Ãƒâ€"sterreich, literally the eastern realm. (Well talk about those two dots over the O, called umlauts, later.) Vienna is the capital city. In German:  Wien ist die Hauptstadt.  (See the pronunciation key below) Germany  is called  Deutschland  in German (Deutsch).  Die Hauptstadt ist Berlin. Switzerland:  Die Schweiz  is the German term for Switzerland, but to avoid the confusion that could result from using the countrys four official languages, the sensible Swiss opted for the Latin designation, Helvetia, on their coins and stamps. Helvetia is what the Romans called their Swiss province. Pronunciation  Key The German  Umlaut, the two dots sometimes placed over the German vowels a, o and u (as in  Ãƒâ€"sterreich), is a critical element in German spelling. The umlauted vowels à ¤, à ¶, and  Ãƒ ¼ (and their capitalized equivalents Ä, Ãâ€", ÃÅ") are actually a shortened form for ae,  oe  and  ue, respectively. At one time,  the e  was placed above the vowel, but as time went on,  the e  became just two dots (diaeresis in English). In telegrams and in plain computer text, the umlauted forms still appear as ae,  oe  and  ue. A German keyboard includes separate keys for the three umlauted characters (plus the ß, the so-called sharp s or double s character). The umlauted letters are separate letters in the German alphabet, and they are pronounced differently from their plain a, o or u cousins.

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The National Flag of Canada

The Canadian red and white maple leaf flag is officially called the National Flag of Canada. The flag bears a stylized red maple leaf with 11 points on a white background, with red borders down each side. The Canadian flag is twice as long as it is wide. The white square containing the red maple leaf is the same length on each side as the width of the flag. The red and white used in the National Flag of Canada were proclaimed the official colors of Canada in 1921 by King George V. Although the maple leaf did not have official status as an emblem of Canada until 1965, it had historically been used as a Canadian symbol and was employed in 1860 in decorations for the visit of the Prince of Wales to Canada. The 11 points on the maple leaf have no special significance. A Flag for Canada It wasnt until the 1965 inauguration of the maple leaf flag that Canada had its own national banner. In the early days of the Canadian Confederation, the Royal Union flag, or Union Jack, was still flown in British North America. The Red Ensign, with a Union Jack in the upper left corner and a shield containing the coats of arms of the Canadian provinces, was used as the unofficial flag of Canada from about 1870 to 1924. The composite shield was then replaced with the Royal Arms of Canada and was approved for use overseas. In 1945 it was authorized for general use. In 1925 and again in 1946, Canadian Prime Minister Mackenzie King tried to get a national flag of Canada adopted but he failed, although more than 2,600 designs were proposed for the second try. In 1964, Prime Minister Lester Pearson appointed a 15-member, all-party committee to come up with the design of a new flag for Canada. The committee was given six weeks to complete its task. Three Finalists The process resulted in three final designs: A red ensign with a fleur-de-lis, recognizing Canadas French history, and the Union Jack.Three joined maple leaves between blue borders.A single red maple leaf design between red borders. The suggestion for a red and white, single maple leaf design that was selected for the Canadian flag came from George Stanley, a professor at the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario. In his speech at the national flag inauguration ceremony, Pearson said: Under this Flag may our youth find new inspiration for loyalty to Canada; for a patriotism based not on any mean or narrow nationalism, but on the deep and equal pride that all Canadians will feel for every part of this good land. Dignity of the Canadian Flag The Department of Canadian Heritage provides the rules of Canadian flag etiquette, which govern how the flag should be flown and displayed in different situations: affixed to a car, carried in a procession, or flown on ships or boats, for example. Fundamental to these rules is the principle that the National Flag of Canada should always be treated with dignity and that it takes precedence over all other national flags and ensigns when it is flown in Canada. Sources History of the National Flag of Canada. Government of Canada.Rules for flying the National Flag of Canada. Government of Canada.

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Why Subway Is Not Popular in China Essay example - 2141 Words

1. Introduction 2.1 Relevant background Since the Subway restaurant chain started in 1965, it has opened more than 30,000 stores in 87 countries during the past 40 years. In Western countries, Subway is very popular and famous for its â€Å"stylish and nutritious† concept. More importantly, Subway brings the idea of health into the fast food industry. Because of the nutritious sandwiches and low fat ingredients, Subway receives considerable acclaim in Europe and America. Moreover, some professional magazines pay many honours to Subway, such as Americas Top Global Franchise† in 2009 and â€Å"Annual Franchise 500 ® listing† for 16 of the past 22 years.ï ¼Ë†Subway Chain Fact, 2006ï ¼â€°However, in Chinese market, the development of Subway has not†¦show more content†¦There is also 1 short-answer question which aims to encourage different ideas. Most questions are closed-ended, which could be easy to compare and summarize the quantitative data collection. 3.5 Research Procedure There were in total 30 questionnaires distributed in early March, 2010.The questionnaires ware completed by random candidates of University of Portsmouth. Because of the restrictions of time and resources, students in University of Portsmouth were chosen as they could be easily reached. Moreover, the aim of this study is about investigating the attitude of Chinese customers on Subway. Therefore, all the questionnaires were completed by Chinese candidates. In the middle of March, 2010, 30 questionnaires were collected and all of them were fit for the research. 3.6 Difficulties and Limitations During the research, the biggest difficulty is to design the questions of the questionnaires, which should fulfill the objectives of the project. It spends me a lot of time on addressing the questions through testing with my friends. There are two limitations in this research. Firstly, there are only 30 questionnaires distributed to respondents. Thus it cannot represent the overall of the Chinese customers of Subway. Secondly, most respondents are students so that the ages of people are also limited. It is hard to get elderly people involved in the survey. However, this researchShow MoreRelatedFast Food War in Singapore673 Words   |  3 Pagesanalysis for one of the following: McDonalds Pizza Hut, or KFC. Consumer KFC (formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken) has proven to be more popular in East Asia than many beef-based fast food chains, partially because of regional preferences that favor chicken. The parent company of KFC, Yum! Brands has made it its mission to tailor menus to local tastes in China and will undoubtedly employ this strategy in India, as well (Grgurich 2012). YUM! has not merely transported its chicken abroad but hasRead MoreGlobalization : Two Visions Of The Future Of Humanity1540 Words   |  7 Pagesauthor of â€Å"Globalization: Two visions of the Future of Humanity†, a completely globalized world may result in a dystopia. In contrast, Jeffrey Wasserstrom, the author of â€Å"A Mickey Mouse Approach to Globalization† and Tanveer Ali, the creator of â€Å"The Subway Falafel Sandwich and the Americanization of Ethnic Food† may think of globalization as other cultures sharing each other’s components to interact on a new level and spurring a mor e â€Å"open-minded† (Ali 27) individual. In Marcelo’s Gleiser’s â€Å"Globalization:Read MoreAsian Business Environment1002 Words   |  5 PagesEFA – Asian Business Environment – Dr. Yang Laike ( 17/04/2012: Session 1 Course description Why Asia? * The most dynamic and fastest growing region in the world * Most distinctive cultures and business †¦ Course Objectives? †¦ Learning modules China- India – Japan - Korea (major economic countries) M1 Asian Business Culture M2 Economic structure amp; development in Asia M3 political system and its impact on business M4 The business law and taxationRead MoreEssay on The Problems and Solutions of Overcrowding in Modern Cities1293 Words   |  6 Pagesin Modern Cities Now In the world there are many cities which are facing overcrowding, such as London, Tokyo, New York, Paris, Beijing, Singapore, Manila and Rio. But, few people know the exact meaning of the term â€Å"overcrowding†. There is a popular definition which is widely accepted by scholars: â€Å"an outgrowth of excessive size is overcrowding, meaning too many people occupying little space.† (Brunn et al, 1983, p37). Overcrowding causes huge problems such as housing, congestion, unemploymentRead MoreCorporate Level Of The Mcdonalds1329 Words   |  6 Pagesimprove on existing stores. I think McDonalds should also work on the quality of food and especially the service. When customers walk into a restaurant they expect to receive quality products and services for their money. I think the disparity with why McDonalds employees aren’t providing quality service to customers is because they feel overworked and underappreciated. There is a huge pay gap that separates top e xecutives and franchise employees. McDonalds helped to pay for lobbying against minimumRead MoreEssay on Cross Cultural Exchanges on the Silk Road Networks1643 Words   |  7 Pagesalso imported horses, grapes, medicine products, stones, etc. and deported apricots, pottery and spices. The interaction of these different cultures created a cultural diffusion. The road consisted of vast and numerous trade routes that went between China and Europe. Long distance trade came to action when rulers invested in making roads and bridges. â€Å"During the 1870s, silk was brought to the west coast of the United States via the Pacific Ocean, then rerouted to the east coast by the transcontinentalRead MoreFast Food Globalization2776 Words   |  12 Pagesking of adapting its business to the various cultures of the countries they operate in. The top ten fast food chains with revenue made outside the United States from ten thru one are Dairy Queen, Dunkin Donuts, Wendy’s, Starbucks , Domino’s Pizza, Subway, Pizza Hut, Burger King, KFC, and McDonalds at number one with revenue total of 44 billion (Huffington Post Mar 12 2013). Some say that fast food chains that adapt themselves too much to other cultures are losing what made their businesses successfulRead MorePrinciples of Management Research-Subways4396 Words   |  18 PagesPrinciples of management APPLIED RESEARCH SUBWAY Sandwich shop Michael D. Robinson Ottis Walizer Park University Internet Campus A course paper presented to the School for Arts and Sciences and Distance Learning in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Baccalaureate Principle of Management Park University May, 2008 TABLE OF CONTENTS Read MoreMcdonalds : A Worldwide Organization Essay1296 Words   |  6 Pagesprofited 5 billion dollars in one year, but McDonalds has steadily done this for years. As of 2013 McDonalds boasted over 1.8 million employees, which is a huge workforce to say the least. McDonalds’ competitors are Burger King, Yum! Brand Inc., Subway, Wendy’s, and many others. Neither of the aforementioned companies comes close to the revenue in which McDonalds is producing. In 2013 Burger King net income was a little over 1 billion dollars, meaning McDonalds made five times more than they couldRead More3.6 Billion People Caught At Least One Minute Of The 20161874 Words   |  8 Pagesthis past summer. The Olympic Games are the most popular and most participated sporting event in the world. Every continent comes together for 16 days to watch the best athletes in the world comp ete for medals and bragging rights. Despite the Olympics bringing people closer together in a spirit of unity through sports, host countries tend to use the Olympics to spread a different persona of themselves as shown in 1936 by Germany, in 2008 by China, in 2012 by Britain, and in 2016 by Brazil. The

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Research on Managerial Work

Question: Explain the strengths and weaknesses of the research on managerial work and explain how research on teamwork should shape the future of research on managerial work. Answer: Introduction The basic method of research for gathering information about different things is Research. There is also a need to observe the various interrelated things and aspects. Thus, research is the basic and fundamental things around which the other things revolve to obtain information about anything. It is not just watching things happen but a deep understanding to get some valuable information. The researchers depend on scientific observation for different research works. Science uses observation as means to start and a way for final validation. An experienced worker hardly believes in hearsay and only trusts his or her own observation. He or she will only consider the report if it is firsthand evidence. Instead of using ears and voice, it is important to use the eyes for making an observation (Vinnova 2009). Scientific Research helps in achieving certain goals like a specific discovery or verification of a theory. It should be carried out according to a plan for in depth understanding of a concept. There is a need to remember the outcome and result of activities and natural memory would be insufficient. With the passage of time, it gets difficult to keep a track of things. Writing down and recording is a convenient way out. It minimizes the chances of an error or mistake. Sense organs play a decisive role in observation for an in-depth analysis of the gathered data. With the use of standard tools in research process, the research can be directed to its real nature of functioning. It is only through research that primary and reliable information can be collected (IFAS n.d.). The advantages of research on managerial work 1. Research is one of the main procedures for collection of significant data and information, especially for studying human behaviour. It is important to activate the senses for seeing and noting down everything which is visible. This direct method is almost the first step in right direction in terms of data collection. 2 The data which is ultimately collected is usually accurate in nature. It gives a sense of reliability due to coming from confirmed sources. With proper research, the methods of observation get a boost which makes in depth analysis simpler. Whenever a direct study of the concerned situation takes place, it always comes handy (C Journal 2012). 3.Due to proper research, the reliability of the gathered data increases. In some of the other research techniques, the small details often get overlooked. Research is a vital method which improves the precision of research outcomes. Sometimes, even the smallest of details can reveal a lot of things. It is particularly true in case of research work. 4. During the conduction of a research activity, feedbacks may be collected from the respondents. Sometimes, the follow up action is also decided based on these respondents. However, with observation, the problem of solely depending on respondents is reduced to a great extent. Thus, its possible to maintain a balance through observation. 5. Verbal responses also play a crucial role in various research activities. With proper observation, it is possible to understand the verbal responses on a specific aspect of the research. It is important to have a better understanding to avoid mistakes and plan the next course of action (National Archives 2013). 6. At times, research for a long period of time is usually the need of the hour. The market has wide range of technological modern gadgets which can serve the purpose. These devices are more often designed for specific tasks but they also have flexibility. Thus, it is possible to make observation for a continuous long period. 7. Some of the research activities can be demanding in nature. However, it is not the case with observation. This simple activity can be carried out smoothly as it is not very demanding in nature. As a result, it is also unbiased across working abilities which is again a plus point. 8. Proper identification of a problem is necessary to come up with the right solution. It is possible to achieve the same with complete observation. Thus, it only gets easier to conduct an in-depth analysis of the problem with the help of observation. Disadvantages of research on managerial work 1. Just like the other things, there are certain limitations with the process of observation. One of the major drawbacks of observation is that it more often fails to study the past problems. It could be challenging at times to benefit from observation when its unsuccessful. 2. Due to the lack of other reliable options, one has to often find a way out with the available documents. There is no such formula of 100 % success rate and observation is no different. When its fails to deliver as per the expectations, one has to look for other options at hand. 3. Certain research activities require controlled observation for best results. There are many instruments or tools available to conduct these processes. Although most of them work effectively, these could be quite expensive and will burn your pocket. It is not possible for everyone to afford these machines (USC 2015). 4. Research helps in various activities by more ways than one. However, it is almost impossible to study different opinions with the help of observation alone. It is a big drawback as opinions can sometimes play in crucial role in research activities or experiments. 5. It is not possible to study and understand attitudes solely based on Research. Working according to a plan involves particular information of the units to be observed and the things to be recorded. But these observations are not always effective to reveal anything about the different attitudes of respondents. 6. Sampling cannot be utilized due to observation. At times, instead of gathering information of data on large scale, sampling is enough to provide a better insight. Thus, the process of research is not always the best way to achieve the right kind of results. 7. People often have limited time for certain things. On the other hand, observation usually requires a lot of time. There could be long wait in order to let an event take place for studying it in depth. Thus, limited time may restrict the role of observation (CCL 2010). 8. The real presence of observer in the process of observation in relation to the upcoming event could be unknown. It is a large drawback brought about due to observation. Thus, this procedure comes with its set of disadvantages. 9. Research alone will not be able to provide answer to every question. It can act as one of the means of solving the problem. However, overdependence will not provide you with the expected results or outcomes every time. How research on managerial work can help in shaping the future of an organization Through effective research, it is possible to collect data and information. Thus, by studying the behaviour of human figures, one can identify the weak points to focus on the bigger task at hand. Training can be imparted as per the specific needs in future. The data collected is more often reliable and accurate. This can be also used as a point of reference in taking the important decisions of future. Observation takes care of minute details of a research result which could play a decisive role in the future of the organisation. The respondents often play a crucial role in a research. With observation, the dependence on these respondents will reduce. As result, the research could be carried out from an independent point of view based on the circumstances. At the same time, it would help out in studying and understanding different verbal responses. Thus, research could be carried out smoothly onto the next stage. This will be helpful in more ways than one for the researcher in course of time (SHRM 2013). With modern technical gadgets, it becomes all the easy to observe and record things. Research can take place over a larger time period which is good for the researcher. It would reveal a lot of things and will make it easy to face challenges in the near future. In various working abilities, it will not give rise to bias issues in future. Observation isnt very demanding unlike some of the other things which are good for the healthy functioning of the research (Journals Library 2013). Proper observation helps to discover the present and future problems. Thus, it will be possible; to study and understand an issue step by step. With a full scale in-depth analysis, it would be possible to come up with the solution of the problems at hand in future. Conclusion There is no denial that observation provides a great opportunity to carry out research activity. However, the value can be solely determined when its done correctly. Observation can be crucial aspect of a research operation but other perspectives should be also considered. There are two key components of an observation, object and the subject. Direct observation involving the presence of observer is more straightforward than the indirect means which need a mechanical device. Scientific investigation depends on observation to a great extent for the fulfilment of different goals. Standard research tools determine the nature of working of an observation. Results derived from different types of observation may not be measurable every time. Experimentation, evaluation, interpretation, theorizing and investigation are also dependent on observation, especially in the field of science. Research helps clearing the doubts on various conceptual facts. However, there are shortcomings with the method of observation which cannot be denied. References Vinnova 2009, Research on Managerial Tasks: Conditions, way of working and results, accessed on 17th January 2015, IFAS , Diversity in the Workplace: Benefits, Challenges, and the Required Managerial Tools, accessed on 17th January 2015, C Journal 2012, Identification of Managerial Competencies in Knowledge-based Organizations, accessed on 17th January 2015, National Archives 2013, The Development of Management and Leadership Capability and its Contribution to Performance: The evidence, the prospects and the research need, accessed on 17th January 2015, CCL 2010, Management Development through job experiences, accessed on 17th January 2015, Journals Library 2013, How do they manage? A qualitative study of the realities of middle and front-line management work in health care accessed on 17th January 2015, USC 2015, Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper, accessed on 17th January 2015, SHRM 2013, An Overview of Employee Benefits Offerings in the U.S., accessed on 17th January 2015,

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Aztec Essays (350 words) - Aztec, Civilizations, Operas,

The difference between primary and secondary sourcing is very simple. A primary source is someone who personally witnessed the action or event that?s being reported. Secondary sourcing can be a number of things but a good example in the story would be the King?s interpretation of the Aztec people/land from Cortez?s letter. Or further than that, any letters or reports the King wrote about the Aztecs based on the Cortez letters.The letter written by Cortez is a primary document and I think it coild br be both primary and secondary. For example if Cortez would have sailed back home and had his account written by another in their words but from his experiences. The diet of the Aztec was diverse and plentiful. Cortez wrote that The meals were served by three or four hundred youths, who brought on an infinite variety of dishes; indeed, whenever he dined or supped, the table was loaded with every kind of flesh, fish, fruits, and vegetables that the country produced?. The only thing that may be said about the Aztec not having a ?balanced diet? by today?s standard would be the lack of grains. Cortez mentions in the second letter that seeds and grains are gathered for some of the bird species that Montezuma kept, but no mention of them for humans. However, this could have been simply left out and thought that grains and breads were understood to be eaten but I would characterize the Aztec nation as being wealthy. Probably more so than Europe at the time. Cortez said ?the gold and silver being wrought so naturally as not to be surpassed by any smith in the world; the stone work executed with such perfection that it is difficult to conceive what in struments could have been used; and the feather work superior to the finest productions in wax or embroidery.?. Also the Aztec people were not surrounded by other nations whom also had commerce set up. Meaning they would not have traded as many of their precious materials to others for services or to make allies.

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Dachau essays

Dachau essays Specific Purpose: to inform my audience about the concentration camp Dachau. Organizational pattern: Chronological Imagine being locked inside of a fence and tortured in the worst possible ways. Think about going for days with no food and being ecstatic when you were finally given a piece of bread. Can you picture what is was like to have everything stripped from you, everything including your hair? Thats exactly what happened to the prisoners in the concentration camp Dachau. Today I will be telling you about the terrible happenings that occurred at Dachau. The people there werent even considered human, they were just a number tatooed on their arms. This was a place no one should have had to go. I am able to tell you about this topic because I have actually been to Dachau and Ive also done research. I will be telling you today what a concentration camp is, what kind of people were sent there, the treatment the people received, and what happened to the bodies after they were killed. To begin I would like to explain first what Dachau was and where it was located. a. A concentration camp is a prison with barracks instead of cells that the Nazis used to keep thousands of innocent people in under inhuman conditions. ii. This camp was established in March of 1933. b. It was located in a small city outside of Munich. i. Originally Dachau was located in Bavaria. ii. It was moved from its original location and expanded. c. Dachau was in use from March 1933 to 1945. i. It was divided in two sections which were the camp itself and the crematory. ii. The camp had thirty two barracks, farm buildings, a courtyard area, electric barbed wire fence, a ditch, and a wall with seven guard towers. (Visual aid) Now that you know what a concentration camp is and ...

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Market Structure Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Market Structure - Essay Example However, further he adds that the PeopleSoft products will not be integrated into Oracle offerings and PeopleSoft programmers would have to rewriter the most important functions from the scratch as part of the new Oracle software. Following these two contradicting claims, the conclusion can be made that Oracle just wants to eliminate the dangerous competitor while the interests of PeopleSoft customers are not taken into account at all. In addition, Ellison has claimed that mergers with other smaller rivals are of no interest for Oracle, probably because they do not present the threat for Oracle market standing. Nevertheless, in the long run the merge will prove to be beneficial for the consumers because the company will be able to use specialists of PeopleSoft as the tool to develop new programs aimed at making data easier to manage. Both Oracle and PeopleSoft focus on stand-alone products and probably would not survive and meet growing demands of customers. The PeopleSoft have limited offerings and merge with Oracle provides the opportunity to become the team within the larger structure and accelerate the consolidation among the vendors.